How to Search the World

I am Max Woessner. I am a Junior Video Communications major at Arcadia University. I live just outside Arcadia, in Northwest Philadelphia and have always considered that an honor. However, I feel that an essential life ingredient is to expand one’s horizons – literally and figuratively – as much as possible. Therefore, throughout my life, I have had the great fortune to travel -via car, train, plane and the occasional ferry- to many places. These include states such as Massachusetts, Arizona, Washington, Florida, California and New York. (As a matter of fact, my family used to go to New York every six or seven weeks, so our adventures there are far too numerous to mention but I will definitely devote a post to Manhattan!) Regarding countries, this also includes Costa Rica, Spain, France, England, Ireland and Cuba, let alone the fact that I have been to Europe three times. I knew the (to-be-discussed) ten years of Spanish I have studied would pay off one day! The furthest I have been from home is Hawaii at age five and my latest vacation was to Scotland as an Arcadia Preview student just before this writing. (Going off of the language concept, it was quite easy to understand the Scottish locals.) These trips have been as much of a roller-coaster as life itself, especially as they allow me to see the world trough some very different and interesting eyes. Needless to say, I have always had a flair for traveling. I will be using this blog as a means to show said flair to you. Each week will consist of a post about a specific location, followed by descriptions of the highlights of said trip. One of my lifelong goals is the very title of this blog: to Travel the World! I can’t wait to get started and hope you enjoy!