Powerpuff Power: How to Kick Ass and Protect Yourself

It is no surprise, that as you get older, you realize things about the world. You realize that there is no Santa Claus, that not all your dreams come true, and that your family isn’t as rich as everyone else or even better off than most.  You realize that what you wanted to be when you were younger doesn’t match up these days and that being an adult is harder than you could ever imagine. But, most importantly,  you realize that the world isn’t always a safe place.

Self-defense is a very crucial skill to know, especially for young women. Too many times you hear stories of women getting attacked at bars, kidnapped, raped, and even murdered. And while no one wants to think of these things,  it’s lessons like these that may come in handy in the future.

While I am not an expert on self-defense nor am I an expert in any type of fighting style, there are tips I know that have kept me safe along the way.

TIP: Take Out Your Earphones

It is so easy for us to get sucked up int our phones and not be totally aware of our surroundings. However, this is one of the easiest ways to be distracted and an attacker can very well take advantage of your blindside, so try going out with only one earphone in if you absolutely need to.

TIP: Walk in Groups

Whether this is in the city or the quiet suburbs, there is power in numbers. Don’t be by yourself for so long and be with a group as often as possible when you walk around. If you happen to be by yourself at any given moment, be on the phone with a friend or Facetime with them just in case.

TIP: The Keys To Success

You never know what you have in your purse that can help in time of danger. If you ever find yourself in the middle of an attack, pulling out a pen or your keys is a very effective weapon and does enough damage to give you time to escape.

TIP: Research Self-Defense Seminars

Many colleges and community centers offer public lectures and programs on self-defense. They teach you the basics of what to do in an attack, how to defend yourself, and how to get help. Look online and research any programs happening nearest to you. If you’re really not into those, try looking up ones online or just watch that clip from Miss Congeniality.

TIP: Don’t Tell the World Everything

Little known fact: 3 out of 4 rapes are from people we know. It can be very easy to tweet what we are doing or tell people where we are, but sometimes nothing is better than something. Be careful who you trust and  tell your information to; you’ll never know who is lurking around each corner.

This isn’t a post to scare you from ever going out again; you should be able to enjoy the freedom of being young and alive. Just stay alive and take control of your safety, you really don’t want to end up as a terrifying statistic, do you?

Beat It! : An Educational Guide to Masturbation!

There is so much that goes into sexual education, that saying “the American Education and Heath System has failed us” is the understatement of the year.  There is still so much people do not know. No one is an expert when they start out and I’ve been through my share of men and women to know that with age, it does not always get better. So what is the best way to learn about sex and how to do it well? Start with the basics: yourself!

Masturbation is a very common behavior, even among people who have sexual relations with a partner. In one national study, 95% of males and 89% of females reported that they have masturbated.

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals and/or erogenous zones. Masturbation is also referred to as solitary sex and “Onanism”. The term “Onanism” comes from the story of Onan, where Onan was given the task of impregnating the widow of his brother, but he spilled his semen on the ground, which caused God to get angry and kill him (that’s a story to tell at Thanksgiving!)

Here are just a few Benefits to Masturbation:

  • Relieve stress
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Help for insomnia (i.e. when a person is having trouble falling asleep)
  • Stimulate the immune system to help build up resistance to common infections.
  • Release mood elevating hormones
  • Men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation
  • Achieve sexual stimulation without the risk of STDs

There’s nothing wrong with feeling ourselves, you would be lying if you said it wasn’t fun to do. Plus, the health benefits really seal the deal on why you should do it. Still not convinced? Masturbation gives us a chance to understand what we like so our partner isn’t going in blind. The point of sex is to enjoy it and without knowing what you enjoy, it’s a nightmare for everyone involved. So go ahead, be an independent adult and ruin your own guts. You’ll never know what you’ll find!

Cooking 101: No More Burning Your House Down

Fun Fact: Based on immediate necessity, out of the five basic human survival needs, food is number three behind oxygen and water.

Now that we’ve had that fun little science lesson, let’s talk about why a majority of young adults have no idea how to cook our own dishes. I mean, for something that seems so important to human survival, a lot of us lack the crucial skills to even boil water in a pot. And going out to eat, or going to your parents for a home-cooked meal, or getting takeout sounds like a great idea, but also sounds like it either costs a lot of money or time and energy. Take a chance and stay home for once to cook your own meals, you might be surprised. Or it might turn to shit, which in that case, click here


The best way to learn how to cook is understand what you are putting in your body, what you can afford, and how to make meals go on for as long as possible. Keeping these points in mind will keep you from starving and keep your wallet happy. Learning to cook doesn’t have to be a pain in the head and knowing these simple tips can take your cooking from garbage to great!


TIP: Know what you can, cannot, want, and do not want to eat.

If you know that you’re not into brown rice and sauteed vegetables, don’t go throwing that stuff in your shopping carts because you won’t be into them any time soon. Nothing’s worse than seeing food that you have no idea how or have no intention of cooking rotting in your fridge. Stick with the basics in the beginning and then build up from there when you learn to not burn water.

TIP: Instructions are King

You are not a professional chef. So, if you wing the amount of ingredients you put in a recipe, I don’t want to hear you cry about why it came out wrong and it tastes like shit. Wonderful things happen when you go by the instructions on the box!

TIP: Take a Quick Look at That Food Pyramid

Remember that food pyramid they used to show us in health education back in elementary school? You know, the one that tells you not to gorge so hard on oils and up the ante on your veggie consumption? Try going back to that someday; see what your daily intake of certain foods are and then plan a meal to help you meet that healthy goal.

TIP: Don’t Be Afraid To Use Spices

Europeans came to North America in search of a treasures, new lands, and spices. For all things patriotic, don’t let there needless genocide go to waste and buy some spices. (No, salt and pepper are not spices, but they are are a fucking necessity). You would be amazed what oregano, cumin, and even sage can do for a meal.  Your guests will be asking “What is This?!” instead of “What are those?!”.

GOLDEN TIP: A Cast-Iron Can Save Your Life

The cast-iron skillet is a God among kitchen utensils around the world. While preparing it can be a pain in the ass, once it is perfectly prepared, the cast-iron skillet adds flavor depth into every meal and it is highly recommended that you buy one for your home soon. Click on the link to learn more!

Mix Match: How to Dress Like You Know What You’re Doing

A sure sign that a young girl has blossomed into a beautiful young woman is her sense of fashion, her own personal style. As we begin to grow, our tastes mature and we begin to look for “ourselves” in the clothes we wear everyday. A pair of signature wayfarers, a slimming checkered blazer, and a good pair of Air Jordan’s are just some ways we like to express ourselves. My favorite accessory would have to be my floppy blue sunhat I got from Forever21. (Check below for an adorable picture of yours truly).

However, when it comes to the rest of my body, my mind seems to halt all activity and go into sleep mode. I would say my fashion sense looks like I described the latest 2017 spring trends to a blind person and then hired them as my personal assistant. Am I being a little too hard on myself: of course, after all, we are our biggest critics. And one of my biggest flaws is throwing on a dress because I don’t know how to match my tops and bottoms like a big girl. It’s not like I’m the only one either; having an eye for fashion is very hard to obtain and even harder to keep a hold on since trends change.


For those of you can’t get paste jeans and a T-shirt with having a panic attack or just need a little guidance in how to dress like you know what you’re doing, here are some Do’s and Don’t’s of Mix and Match to, at least, get you started on the right path.

The Mix and Match Mingle



Vary the size of Patterns

Layering similar patterns in vastly different sizes is a new trick that helps people match patterns correctly. Don’t wear the same pattern all over the place ( you look like a discounted rug); this will make your body shape unsightly and stand out.

Pair neutrals with Prints

Pairing neutral colors with prints is the easiest way to get trendy without too much effort. This pairing gives enough contrast to highlight each piece of the outfit (and make it look like you know what you’re doing)

Utilize the Color Wheel to Compliment Colors

This is where we get into the science part of fashion. By utilizing the color wheel, you have a few ways of mixing and matching colors; you can use complimentary, triadic, monochromatic, or analogous. (Use Google people)



Match Your Makeup with Your Outfit

Let’s be honest: it looks lazy, you look like a novice, and it’s looks like you’re in costume. If you see a girl who matches her lip and eye shadow colors to her outfit, she has no idea what she’s doing (in my opinion)

The Same Print, The Same Size

It’s almost as bad as matching makeup color with your outfit, only this time, you’ll like like the ringleader of a circus. Don’t do it, trust me.


WHY WOULD YOU EVER WEAR ONE COLOR?! Like the same shade of color all over your body is the worst offense, and honestly, it’s the laziest way to dress yourself. You’re a young woman and not 12 yrs old, figure it out.

Golden Rule: Black and White for the Win!

If all else fails, black and white is the savior of fashion. Not only is it a classic and elegant look, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know how to dress; throw it together and be on your way.

If you’re still stuck, even with all these tips, maybe leggings and a T-shirt is your forte and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Beauty Sponge: Mastering this Blending Nonsense, Once and For All

Say Hello to the Beauty Blending Sponge!

I am someone who uses makeup moderately; I put on concealer, eyeliner, and my eyebrows, then I leave my dorm and hope for the best. I wouldn’t say I am particularly an expert at cosmetics (Note: They say your eyebrows are supposed to look like sisters, but for some reason, mine look like cell mates) so I go to social media to look at the latest tips and trends in beauty. I have seen women  use condoms, socks, chicken thighs (yo, for real?), rotating brushes, and so forth to apply their makeup and, one way or another, they all work. But out of all the beauty tools I have witnessed and used in my lifetime, there is one that, to this day, confuses the hell out of me: the beauty blending sponge.

These demon seeds have been one of the latest beauty trends to stay and make its mark in cosmetics. The sponge applicator has 360° usable surface to easily apply makeup, creating a “build-able”, sheer coverage for the user. I have seen tutorials from Jackie Aina to Jaleesa Moses to Karen Yeung use this product and create flawlessly blended contours and applications. ON THE OTHER HAND, I have seen others use it and create some of the most dank messes a face has ever had to endure and others have seen little to no effect from the tool. So what exactly is the problem here?

What Goes Wrong:

* Your Sponge is Dirty AF

Obviously if you didn’t clean your brushes, your face would become a nesting ground for bacteria so the same goes for when you don’t properly clean your beauty blender. Excess makeup can ruin the blending process by spreading old makeup and dirt around and mixing it onto your face. I know, tasty, right?

* Your Sponge is Too Dry

The beauty blender is a sponge and it shouldn’t be told that there are certain ways to use a sponge. Y’all need to soak the sucker before you put it on, because it’s useless if you don’t.

* You’re Using Too Much Pressure

Stop smashing the damn thing against your face! You’re supposed to use stippling motions and not wiping motions. Instead of a smooth blended application, it’ll look blotchy, ashy, or just a plain mess. Ignoring this simple step can take your look from “Flawless Contour” to “F*cking Crackhead”. Please don’t be that person…

* This Sh*t is too Goddamn Difficult

Honestly, there’s a lot that can go wrong with the beauty blender. If you don’t dry it properly, you can get lice on it. If it drys halfway through the process, it’ll collect and dry out your face. Sometimes you just need to step back and think “If this is harder than using my fingers, then by God, I do not need the frustration.”

If it’s been said once, it is going to be said again, makeup can be difficult and the processes are taken differently with each person. Maybe brushes are more your thing or (God forbid) chicken thighs get the contour done.  But if you’re still wanting that badge in Beauty Blending 101, here is the easiest list of directions on how to use the beauty blender

How To Beauty Blend (sorta sounds like a game of Bop It)

Wet It

Run the egg sponge under the running faucet and squeeze it so every drop of excess water is gone. This step is very important because the “sponge effect” soaks up excess makeup for an even application.

Prep It

Do NOT put the foundation directly on the sponge. For best use, pump the foundation on the back of your hand and then lightly dab the sponge into the puddle of cosmetics.

Blend It

Dip the round end in your foundation and use a stipple motion to apply to your face. Wiping is going to do nothing for you, use the same motions you would with a regular makeup brush.

Spot It

When it comes to concealer or highlighter, use the tip of the egg or another part of the surface to get into the corners of your face, like under your eyes.

Wash and Dry It

Rinse it off real good and then put it in a place where it can thoroughly dry.


And THAT’S IT! Practice makes perfect and with enough time, you could get the hang of it. But whatever you do, remember the tips and keep your options open for makeup tools. We may all want to be beauty gurus, but Lord knows that our talents and energy can be used somewhere else too.

Have fun!

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I’m Sabrina and this blog will (hopefully) be a lifesaver to those who don’t know what they’re doing (like me). I am a graduate of Arcadia University and my dream is to be able to get about 110 likes on an Instagram post. That, and getting to go on the roof of the castle. All you truly need to know about me is that as a young adult, there’s a lot of things I don’t know but I am excited to learn!